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Fuel Charge Information


These information sheets that can help you discern if you are obligated to register/report:

Fuel charge info sheet

Road carriers presentation

Registration Forms
FCN1     – notice with information concerning registrations
L400      – registration form
L400-1   – registration schedule
L400-2   – registration schedule for road carriers
Charge for fuel held in inventory on Adjustment Day
FCN3     – notice with information concerning the Annual Charge
B402      – annual charge return
B402-1   – annual charge schedule
Other Fuel Charge Notices
FCN2     – notice concerning registered distributors (generally sellers or producers of fuel)
FCN4     – notice concerning importers (generally bringing fuel into a listed province)
FCN5     – notice concerning emitters (generally persons with a covered facility – large industrial polluters)
FCN6     – notice concerning road carriers (generally truckers that haul inter-provincially)
FCN7     – notice concerning users (generally applies to: a person that uses fuel without burning it, for example – manufacturer of plastic, or a person that burns combustible waste such as tires or shingles)

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