Know Your Advisor

Don Hurst
Director of WORKSAFELYTM, Education and Training

Ed GregoryNCSO, OH&S Cert.
Regional Safety Advisor, Southern Region

Randy Olynick, CRSP
Regional Safety Advisor, Eastern Region

Trevor Shwaluk, B.P.E
Regional Safety Advisor, Central Region

Dave McPherson
Regional Safety Advisor, Northern Region

Gerry McCombie NCSO 
Regional Safety Advisor, Western Region

Phil McDaniel, OH&S Cert., P. GSC, NCSO, CRM
CORTM Program Development & Quality Control Advisor

Jackie Jones, CAE
WORKSAFELYTM CORTM Program, Education and Training Advisor

Sarah Craig, OH&S Cert.
WORKSAFELYTM Client Services Advisor

Kristen Ranson
WORKSAFELYTM Administrative Assistant

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