Know Your Advisor

Don Hurst
Director of WORKSAFELY™, Education and Training

Phil McDaniel, OH&S Cert., P. Gold Seal Cert., NCSO, CRM
WORKSAFELY™ COR™ Program Development & Quality Control Advisor

Ed GregoryNCSO, OH&S Cert.
WORKSAFELY™ Regional Safety Advisor, Southern Region

Randy Olynick, CRSP
WORKSAFELY™ Regional Safety Advisor, Eastern Region

Trevor Shwaluk, NCSO, B.P.E.
WORKSAFELY™ Regional Safety Advisor, Central Region

Dave McPherson, NCSO
WORKSAFELY™ Regional Safety Advisor, Northern Region

Gerry McCombie, Gold Seal Cert., NCSO 
WORKSAFELY™ Regional Safety Advisor, Western Region

Jackie Jones, CAE
WORKSAFELY™ COR™ Program, Education and Training Advisor

Sarah Craig, OH&S Cert. 
WORKSAFELY™ Client Services Advisor – currently on maternity leave

Delaney Kunzelman-Gall, OH&S Cert.
WORKSAFELY™ Client Services Advisor

Kristen Ranson
WORKSAFELY™ Administrative Assistant

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