Trade, construction-zone hazards highlighted in MHCA’s spring supplement


The latest edition of the MHCA Winnipeg Free Press supplement – called Trade, prosperity and the environment – will be delivered to the newspaper subscribers’ doorsteps Saturday, April 11.

This edition features city and provincial investment in core infrastructure and the need to devise a trade transportation investment strategy to ensure our economy and Canada’s make the most of trade markets opening around the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic figures prominently in the articles, as ensuring the economy rebounds post-pandemic will require good roads and highways, and efficient trade corridors and gateways.

The WORKSAFELY™ section of the supplement puts the spotlight on the significant hazards posed by motorists traveling through construction zones – contractors are concerned about the high number of accidents, near misses and dangerous posed every year by drivers who are not heeding safety signs and flaggers’ warnings to slow down.

Click here to see the full supplement and watch your doorstep for the paper Saturday.  Please forward the link to your employees and business contacts.

Want extra copies of the supplement for your office?
Contact MHCA Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Lee Woods at and they will be happy
to mail it out to you.

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