Season’s greetings from the President

Cultures and societies of old used the short days, extended darkness and frigid temperatures (northern hemisphere, granted) as a time to slow down, rest and reflect. That sounds comforting, especially for those of us hurrying to “get it all done” so we can enjoy the holidays.

As we break for Christmas, we leave you with some thoughts.

First, from everyone at Manitoba Heavy, we want to extend our season’s greetings. We hope all Manitobans have happy holidays – a break from the daily routines – and a very Merry Christmas.

The heavy construction industry in this province has worked hard this year, in every sense of that expression. With the challenges of reduced budgets, the industry is under a special kind of stress. Our dedication to task, however, never wavers. The MHCA will continue to advance infrastructure investment polices that are consistent with broad public interest.

We acknowledge and thank all those in elected public office, at all levels of government, for their public service. We know those responsibilities are not easy. We may agree or disagree on policy, but our respect for your service will always remain front and centre.
We also thank our partners in the business communities with whom we work in pursuit of building a better, more prosperous Manitoba. The MHCA appreciates the fact that those partners recognize the organic link between strong roads and core infrastructure to moving our goods, products and people (especially our people!) to market and to jobs and school.

We are especially grateful to all members of our association for their participation and contributions to improving our beautiful province and country. None of what we strive to achieve would be possible without our members’ support these past 75 years!

And so, as we move into 2019, the MHCA will continue to keep economic growth at the heart of our advocacy, recognizing that without a growing economy, it would not be possible for governments to balance budgets or fund our globally envied standard of living.

Finally, we ask the public to remember something very important. When you step out for a walk or to drive, when you turn the tap, flush the toilet, take the bridge or underpass to other points in this city or province – when the flood waters are kept at bay – keep in mind that these things work because of the dedication of the women and men doing heavy construction. That is our industry’s gift to Manitoba, 365 days of the year.

So Merry Christmas to all. Happy holidays and a healthy, prosperous New Year from Manitoba Heavy.

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