MHCA Publications

The MHCA’s publications are widely circulated to thousands of heavy construction stakeholders in Manitoba and across North America. They reach the desks of the heavy construction industry, purchasers of its and related services, stakeholder and business associations, government leaders, senior policy makers, and numerous other government officials in municipal, provincial and federal governments.

The MHCA offers several excellent publications:


Annual Directory and Rental Rates

Released annually in early spring, the MHCA Annual Directory is the exclusive Equipment Rental Rates Guide in Manitoba. Its ‘yellow pages’ list companies by areas of service. The Directory is an essential resource and information tool for all purchasers  of heavy construction and related industries services. Public and private sector project owners extensively use the Directory to locate and contact needed suppliers of services, including contractors, materials, equipment, aggregates, oils, design, and engineering — to name a few.

Heavy News Weekly

The Heavy News Weekly delivers the most recent tender ads and results, current issues and views, safety and environment training schedules to all recipients. The Weekly is delivered via email, fax, or mail. To get on our mailing list for the weekly, please contact We offer a number of advertising opportunities in the Heavy News Weekly.

Winnipeg Free Press

The Winnipeg Free Press and MHCA haved teamed up to create a bi-annual insert that is distributed Manitoba-wide. The insert features articles from the MHCA, Free Press staff writers, members and companies in association with the MHCA.

Annual Report

Released annually in November, the MCHA Annual Report summarizes the Association’s activities throughout the past year and highlights the priorities for the year to come. Also included are reports from WORKSAFELY, the CCA, Gold Seal, and WORKFORCE.

The Annual Report is available to all members on our website.

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