Parties respond to business group survey on economic growth


MHCA partner in business coalition that set out #7Pillars to economic prosperity

The leaders of four provincial parties vying for government September 10 have set out their positions on the seven principles a business coalition crafted to give Manitoba’s economy a shot in the arm.

“The overriding challenge for the next five years is to diversify our agricultural, manufacturing, resource, financial, and service sectors to strengthen our capacity for export and create jobs,” a Manitoba Chamber of Commerce release on the survey noted.

“Prudent investments within a climate of confidence and certainty enable growth, leading to more jobs, greater prosperity, and a higher quality of life.”

The 7 Pillars include strengthening partnerships with the private sector, bolstering the international trade profile of Manitoba and investing strategically in infrastructure, including core infrastructure.

The coalition is distributing the results of the survey broadly, to their members and the public via social media.

Read the full party responses to the survey here.

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