MHCA urges construction association to compare, track highways budget across Canada


The MHCA has put the need for annual tracking of provincial infrastructure investment programs on the table at the Canadian Construction Association’s fall meeting in Whitehorse this week.

“The CCA recognizes that such monitoring would give its member associations the insight necessary to consider the national picture on infrastructure investment,” said MHCA President Chris Lorenc, attending this week’s meeting. Saskatchewan’s heavy construction association supports the MHCA suggestion that the CCA make the national comparison a priority.

“What would be useful is to have CCA pull together, or hire externally to construct, a standardized measurement and comparison of investment levels by each province, with annual updates to track how the levels rise or fall,” Lorenc explained.

The data can be used at the provincial level in advocacy and to ensure that core infrastructure investment remains a high priority in public budgets.

Lorenc said the topic will be discussed by the CCA’s Canadian Infrastructure Council breakout session. The MHCA will update members on the project as it proceeds.

“I think all member associations would agree that the CCA is in good position to become the ‘resident authority’ on highways-capital budget allocation by provincial governments, and on provincial government pick-up of federal infrastructure program dollars.”


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