MHCA seeks minister’s intervention on quarry rehab payments

The MHCA has asked Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen for his assistance in getting outstanding payments made to contractors owed for quarry rehab work they completed in 2018.

“We have not been successful with the Mines Branch regarding payment to numerous contractors who completed reclamation work and so in the context of fair play we are seeking help from the Minister,” MHCA President Chris Lorenc said.

The MHCA is aware of almost a dozen contractors still owed payment, totaling more than $625,000. The letter requests confirmation of payment or if the province cannot, a full explanation as to why.

The Quarry Rehabilitation Program was suspended last year when the department launched an administrative review. The department’s findings were forwarded to the Auditor General, and the program has remained stalled since. However, aggregate producers must continue to pay a per-tonne extraction fee, which funds the rehabilitation work. The fees are place in a dedicated reserve that is administered entirely by the department.

“We really need this program to be operating fully again in 2020 because of its importance to the residents in the municipalities in which these pits and quarries are located,” Lorenc said.

The MHCA will update members on this issue in the Heavy News.

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