Membership: What’s in it for me?

Membership in the MHCA has many advantages and benefits. With over 360 members, we are YOUR voice in the heavy construction industry, and every member makes our association that much stronger.

See what MHCA members are saying about their experiences being a member of our association:

“As a member of the MHCA for over 30 years, the relationships that we have formed and the value the association has provided to us and our customers is invaluable. Today’s business environment requires a united voice of membership to make changes to government policy, tender processes, and legislation. We feel that MHCA is this voice.”

Paul Scharf
Hitrac (1974) Ltd. | MHCA Member since 1978

“MHCA members receive current industry information and timely access to tenders through the weekly bulletin, and the annual directory includes current equipment rental rates. These services are essential to my business.”

Calvin Edie
Edie Construction Ltd. | MHCA Member since 1978

“After all is said and done, the MHCA supports our industry and membership is just the right thing to do! We can say that after being a member for over 50 years.”

Dave Cumming
Zenith Paving Ltd. | MHCA Member since 1960

“The networking opportunities are very well attended by senior management and decision makers. They include individuals from all sectors of the industry that are key to my business.”

Brent Pooles
WD Valve Boxes Ltd. | MHCA Member since 1991

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