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Presence, profile and impact are the greatest strengths that the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association brings to any public policy discussion – and your business/organization can be a part of it.

This kind of credibility advantage applies to all of our dealings with the public, media, stakeholders and the three levels of government. And it’s our strengths, diverse areas of interest, influence and achievements are what set us apart for all others.

We advocate infrastructure investments around six principles, which have already been embraced by provincial, regional and national stakeholders. Those investment principles are:

  • they must be permanent;
  • a strategic focus on economic growth;
  • embrace innovation;
  • harness partnerships with the private sector;
  • transparently dedicate funds to these purposes;
  • ensure accountability with periodic reviews to learn and adjust going forward.

Join us and be a part of a membership that has presence, profile and impact with Groundbreaking results.

Our members enjoy:

  • Exclusive access to key resources such as weekly tenders
  • Listing in our annual Equipment Rental Rates & Membership Directory – the “go-to” Manitoba resource for suppliers, contractors, utility corporations, businesses, financial institutions, industry professionals and consultants
  • Invitation to well-attended, successful networking and social events
  • Access to recognized industry-leading safety and training programs
  • Being a part of MHCA’s advocating voice that has presence, profile and impact

…And much more

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