On February 3, 2015 The Winnipeg Free Press published Decades of Infrastructure Neglect requires New Fiscal Deal for Manitoba’s Municipalities

The MHCA requested that 2014 Municipal Mayoral Candidates answer a series of questions related to infrastructure, and to adopt the MHCA’s Municipal Infrastructure Investment strategy, as noted below:

1)  Adopt the MHCA’s suggested principles to underpin all steps going forward;

1) Permanent program;

2) Focused on economic growth;

3) Embrace innovation;

4) Harness partnerships with the private sector;

5) Transparently dedicate revenue streams; and

6) Ensure periodic public review for adjustment

2)  Implement the Infrastructure Funding Council (IFC) Report recommendations in those areas within municipal government competence

3)  Build upon the Regional and Residential Streets Reserve dedicated accounts strategy adopted by City Council over the last two budget years; and

4)  Given municipal governments lack of fiscal capacity to address the infrastructure deficit within the existing frameworks, ask the Premier of Manitoba to strike the task force recommended by the IFC to review the fiscal sharing arrangements between municipalities and the Province of Manitoba.

To view all of the 2014 Manitoba Municipal Election Mayoral Candidate Summary Responses, as recently compiled by PROBE Research click here


David Sanders

Brian Bowman

Gord Steeves

Robert-Falcon Ouellette

Paula Havixbeck

Michel Fillion

Judy Wasylycia-Leis


Shari Decter Hirst

Rick Chrest


  • MHCA President Chris Lorenc gave Keynote speech, titled Big Picture Leadership Expectations from Mayoralty Aspirants, at the Manitoba Chamber MBiz Breakfast Series on October 1, 2014- Read his speech here!
  • Download and share the MHCA’s “Fix My Infrastructure” two-pager – to share with friends, colleagues and municipal election candidates!
    Be sure to ask 2014 Municipal election candidates what they plan to do to “Fix My Infrastructure”
  • Municipal Infrastructure Investment Strategy – download it here!
  • Mayors must look through perimeter, By: Chris Lorenc and Colleen Sklar, published in the Winnipeg Free Press September 11, 2014
  • Mayoral candidates need long-term plan for infrastructure, published in the Winnipeg Free Press August 25, 2014
  • From the August 5, 2014 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press – MHCA Op Ed: Big-picture leadership should be mayoral candidates’ aspiration
  • Did you miss the August 16th broadcast of BOLD Radio – click here to listen to MHCA President Chris Lorenc on CJOB discussing “Fix My Infrastructure”!
  • Beyond Shovel Ready Brookings Report July 2014  Download it here
  • New Relationships: A New Order A balanced approach to funding municipal infrastructure in Manitoba Download it here!
  • Did you miss MHCA on BOLD Radio?  Listen to Roads – Beyond the Potholes, aired May 31, 2014 on 680 AM (CJOB) – click here to listen!
  • View the IFC Final report here
  • Canada West Foundation’s comprehensive infrastructure report, At the Intersection is now available. Download/View it now!: ENGLISH Version or FRENCH Version
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