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  • MHCA, MI working on detailed COVID-19 safe-work practices – March 26 – Read more
  • City of Winnipeg proceeding with street renewals, water & waste projects – March 26 – Read more
  • Employers council seeks clarity on coverage of COVID-19 related illness – March 26 – Read more
  • MHCA at work during COVID-19 response – March 16 – Read more
  • A message from our Chair – March 16 – Keep reading
  • Manitoba to issue construction tenders as usual – March 16 – Keep reading
  • WORKSAFELY response to COVID-19 – March 16 – Keep reading


  • Province Announces Temporary Exception to Employment Standards Layoff Rules During the COVID-19 Pandemic – read more
  • WCB defers premium and penalty payments – read more

  • Manitoba announces major investments in flood protection while modernizing provincial disaster financial assistance – read more

  • Government introduces Canada Emergency Response Benefit to help workers and businesses – read more
  • Province appeals to Manitoba businesses to find creative supply solutions to help contain covid-19 – read more
  • B.C. officials release COVID-19 guidelines for builders – read more

  • Manitoba Government extends tax payment filing deadlines for businesses – read more
  • 2020 Spring Road Restrictions (SRR) Order No. 3- Special exemptions to the transportation of essential commodities due to COVID19 – read more
  • Manitoba Government introduces COVID-19 emergency supplement to budget 2020 – read more

  • Coronavirus and construction update from south of the border – read more

  • COVID-19: Notice from CCA – read more


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