MHCA’s WORKSAFELY™ team has prepared a series of safety resources for working during the pandemic. Click here

Your latest COVID-19 news

  • Canada has extended to August 29 the program for wage subsidy. Click here for details
  • Premier announces extra $500 million over two years for infrastructure – read more
  • Saskatchewan adds $2B to capital program, including highways – read more
  • Now’s the time to invest in infrastructure – read more
  • Manitoba to begin easing restrictions on businesses – read the release
  • MHCA joins industry and business groups in calling upon Ottawa to accelerate its Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program for 2020 – read the letter.
  • Construction groups tell City of Winnipeg to boost infrastructure investment – read more
  • Manitoba has announced a series of business support programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here.
  • The Canada Emergency Wage Supplement application process is now open, on the CRA’s “My Business Account”. View the support guide from Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. 
  • The MHCA WORKSAFELY™ program and the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba have secured assurance construction workers are exempted from Manitoba’s 14-day self-isolation order when traveling to and from another jurisdiction for construction work purposes. To read the rules when leaving and entering Manitoba for construction work, click here.
  • Industry says it has the capacity and supplies to work this construction season: MHCA member survey #3

COVID-19 resources

Industry at work during COVID-19

  • MHCA Board reminds industry on need for safe work amid pandemic – read more
  • COVID-19 claims to WCB to follow policy on occupational disease – April 8 – read more
  • Winnipeg Water & Waste releases 2020 tender schedule – April 7 – read more
  • MHCA’s WORKSAFELY™ has a series of safety procedures for companies working during the COVID-19 pandemic – see resources
  • MHCA, MI working on detailed COVID-19 safe-work practices –  Read more
  • City of Winnipeg proceeding with street renewals, water & waste projects – March 26 – Read more
  • MHCA at work during COVID-19 response –  Read more
  • Manitoba to issue construction tenders as usual – March 16 – Keep reading
  • WORKSAFELY response to COVID-19 – March 16 – Keep reading

Other updates

  • Interest-free, repayable loads of up to $40,000 now available from Western Economic Diversification Canada for small and medium-sized businesses that do not qualify for the Canadian Emergency Business Account (CEBA) program. Click here
  • Federal government’s Canada Emergency Response Benefit will now cover will now also cover seasonal workers, part-time workers, people whose EI benefits have run out, and people whose hours have been reduced. Details to come, keep checking this page.
  • The vast majority of respondents to the MHCA’s April 16 survey said they will be able to find enough workers and source supplies for the 2020 construction season, even if the province or city double their core infrastructure programs this year. Members can see the results of the survey here.
  • City of Winnipeg property taxes that are due on June 30, 2020 will have fees waived until October 1, 2020. Business taxes that are due on May 29, 2020 will have fees waived until September 1, 2020. – read more
  • Province Announces Temporary Exception to Employment Standards Layoff Rules During the COVID-19 Pandemic – read more
  • WCB defers premium and penalty payments – read more

  • Manitoba announces major investments in flood protection while modernizing provincial disaster financial assistance – read more

  • Manitoba Government extends tax payment filing deadlines for businesses – read more

Support for businesses

  • Manitoba is investing up to $120M in a new wage subsidy program to support employers from the private and non-profit sectors to hire high school and post secondary students this summer. read more.
  • The Manitoba government announced help for small and medium-sized businesses with interest-free, forgivable loans of up to $6,000 for those that do not qualify for any other government assistance. Click here for details
  • The Province of Manitoba has announced new relief measures for individuals and businesses to cope with the economic pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full release

Manitoba Human Rights Commission has prepared guidelines on your rights and responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. View them here.

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