As a means of standing out in the industry, WORKSAFELY™ has developed their own COR™ “brand” that gives them a modern look to the national standard of certification.

The official COR™ brand for WORKSAFELY™ was launched at the 2011 Annual General Meeting with the revealing of our new COR™ logo.



About the logo:

  • This logo is our new identity for the MHCA WORKSAFELY™ COR™ Program
  • The logo depicts and clearly identifies MHCA as the home of COR™ and the WORKSAFELY™ Program
  • The logo informs the audience what the letters COR™ stand for
  • The logo also clearly identifies our WORKSAFELY™ brand – the program responsible for the administration of COR™ on behalf of the heavy construction industry

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If you require any other logo or if you are a COR™  Certified company, please email Kristen Ranson at to request our official COR™ logo.