The WORKSAFELY™  team is delighted to announce that the program has reached over 300 COR™ certified companies throughout Manitoba! A special congratulations goes out to each company who has taken the initiative to make our industry a safer place.

Click here to download a PDF of all COR™/SECOR certified companies as of March 10, 2015

COR™/SECOR Companies as of March 10, 2015

2673861 Manitoba Ltd. o/a Cameron Trucking and Excavation
3572405 Manitoba Ltd.
4136225 Manitoba Ltd. o/a P. Baker Backhoe Services
5584281 Manitoba Ltd. – Hunter Trucking
5705372 Manitoba Ltd. o/a Silverline Oilfield Services
6028927 Manitoba Ltd. T/A CMH Construction
6088482 MB. Ltd. (Hydrodig Brandon)
6110231 Manitoba Ltd. o/a Rock Hard Sand & Gravel
A D Hanslip Excavating & Demolition Ltd.
A. Brunet Ltd.
A. Moriaux Construction
A.B. Coring Ltd.
Aabacus Welding Inc.
Able Concrete
ABM Concrete Ltd.
Accurate HD
Adams Contracting (1989) Ltd.
Advance Robotic Duct Cleaning Inc
Advanced Environmental Services Inc.
Al Meisner Ltd.
Allen & Bolack Excavating Ltd.
Al-San Underground Ltd.
Amisk Construction
Anderson Logging Inc.
Aquajet Canada Incorporated
Armcon Ltd.
Armstrong Construction Ltd.
Arnason Industries Ltd.
Assiniboine Injections Ltd.
Atkins Underground LP
Austins Welding Ltd.
B & B Schmidtke Trucking (2010) Ltd.
B&B Landscape & Cartage Inc.
Badger Daylighting Manitoba Ltd.
Barren Lands Construction Co. Ltd.
Bayview Construction Ltd.
Beaver Sewer & Water Services Ltd.
Bestland Excavation Ltd.
BFN Construction Inc.
Bill W. Friesen and Sons
Birds Hill Gravel & Stone Ltd.
Bituminex Paving Ltd.
Bobs Contracting (2005)
Bochurka Bros. (1979) Ltd.
Bolack Construction Ltd.
Borland Construction Inc.
Boulet Bros. Concrete Ltd.
Brandt Tractor Ltd.
Breezy North Construction Inc.
B-Sharp Excavating Inc.
Building Products & Concrete Supply Ltd
Bunibonibee Cree Nation
Buus Construction Ltd.
C & B Stirling Enterprises Ltd.
C & C Construction Co. Ltd.
Cal McKay Construction
Cambrian Blasting Co. Ltd.
Cambrian Excavators Ltd.
Campbell Construction Inc.
Camster Construction Ltd.
Canyon Contracting Ltd.
CD Oilwell Servicing Ltd.
Cement Works Inc.
Centennial Gravel & Excavating Ltd.
Charles Bednar Investments Ltd.
City Mix Inc.
Clint Moffat & Sons Ltd.
Collet Transport Inc.
Cook Bros. Cartage Ltd.
Cormorant Logging & Construction Ltd.
Cros-Man Direct Underground Ltd.
Crown Utilities Ltd.
Cumming & Dobbie (1986) Ltd.
D&D McCaughan & Son Ltd.
Darco Enterprises Ltd.
Daven Excavating
DeAngelo Bros Inc (DBi Services)
Dennis Friesen
Derksen Trucking Ltd.
Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd.
Dickinson Mowing & Spraying
Dig All Construction (1994) Ltd.
Dig-It Enterprises Ltd.
Direct Traffic Ltd.
Dirt Pro Inc.
DJN Services Ltd.
Dominion Divers (2003) Ltd.
Don Sikora Contracting Ltd.
Down Under Excavating Ltd.
Dyck Construction (Wpgosis)Ltd.
E.F. Moon Construction Ltd.
Eagle Eye Excavation
Earth Max Construction Inc.
Earthworks Construction
Eddies Gravel Supply Ltd.
Edie Construction Ltd.
Edman Trucking Ltd.
Elite Crushing Ltd.
Emile Adrien Grenier
Erickson Construction (1975) Ltd.
Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd.
ET Development Ltd.
Eye Level Services Ltd.
F Kozak & Sons Ltd.
Fanset Construction Co. Ltd.
Farm Boy Asphalting Inc.
Flyin E Medical Ltd.
Friesen Hauling and Excavating Inc
Froese Bros. Construction
Fyk Construction
Garden Hill First Nation
Gem Industries Ltd.
Giesbrecht Excavating Ltd.
Glacial Aggregates Inc.
Glacier North Ltd.
Glenat Enterprises Ltd.
Glenko Enterprises (1994) Ltd.
God s Lake First Nation
Graboweski Concrete & Supplies Ltd.
Grant Aggregate (Western) Inc.
Gravier Collet Gravel Inc.
Great Plains Rail Contractors Inc.
Guardian Traffic Services Manitoba Ltd.
H. Baudry Construction (1980) Ltd.
H.D. Grand Enterprises Ltd.
H.M. Navid Ltd.
Harris Holdings Ltd.
Harschall Construction Ltd.
Hazmasters/New Heights Industries Inc.
High Level Construction 2003
Hodgson Construction Inc
Hugh Munro Construction Ltd.
Hy-Way Construction Inc.
Inground Construction Ltd.
Intermountain Contracting Ltd.
Interock Trucking Inc.
J & R Excavating Ltd.
J.C. Paving Ltd.
J.K.W. Construction Ltd.
James Gray Trucking
Janico Investments Ltd.
JC Lavich Construction 2010 Ltd.
Jensen Rentals Ltd.
Jim Fluker Construction Ltd.
Johannesson Trucking and Excavation Ltd.
John P. Enns Construction Ltd.
John Tucker Trucking Ltd
Johnston Bros (Binscarth) Ltd.
Jolly Construction
JP Thorne Enterprises Ltd.
K Kilford Construction Ltd.
Ken Beatty Construction Ltd.
Kendall Backhoe Service Ltd.
Kerrys Cottage Lifting & Leveling Ltd.
Kevins Concrete Pumping Ltd.
Kings Septic & Portable Toilet Service Inc.
Knysh Construction Ltd.
Kroeger Backhoe Service
L. Chabot Enterprises Ltd.
Lafarge Canada Inc.- Ready Mix & Aggregates
Lafarge Canada Inc.-Pipe Division
Lafarge Canada Inc.-Precast & Hollowcore
LaJambe Enterprises Ltd.
Lakefront Restorers
Lakeside Excavating
Lavallee Gravel Inc.
Lavallee Trucking Ltd.
Lawson Consulting & Surveying Ltd.
Lehigh Hanson Cement Ltd.
Lehigh Hanson Inland Aggregates Ltd.
Lehigh Hanson Inland Pipe Ltd.
Little River Earthmoving Co Ltd.
LMF Lightning Roadway & Airport Crackseal
Lopes Excavation Ltd.
Macaw MacDonald Ltd.
Main Line Industries Ltd.
Major Excavation/Cartage Ltd
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Region 1
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Region 2
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Region 3
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Region 4
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Region 5
Manto Sipi Cree Nation
Maple Leaf Construction Ltd.
Marathon Drilling Co. Ltd.
Marquette Gravel Supply 2000 Inc.
Matheson Island Community Council
Mazergroup Ltd.
McKeens Trucking Service Ltd.
McMunn & Yates Building Supplies Ltd.
McTaggart Equipment Co. Ltd.
Mee-Mee-Wee Seepi Development Corporation
Mehkana Development Corporation
Meseyton Construction Ltd
Metro Piling Ltd.
MidCanada Environmental Services Ltd.
Midnorth Development Corporation
Mikahnow Construction Ltd.
Missinippi Construction Co Ltd.
Mnassen Construction
Mr Boomtruck Inc.
Mulder Construction & Materials Ltd.
Multicrete Systems Inc.
Municipality of Harrison Park
Nelson Environmental Inc.
Nelson River Construction Inc.
Nelson River Logging Ltd.
North Interlake Contractors Ltd.
North Red Community Water Maintenance Inc
Northland Ready Mix Concrete
Nor-Win Construction Co. Ltd.
Orbanski Construction Ltd.
Outdoor Solutions Inc.
Paragon Industries Ltd.
Parkland Tractor Ltd.
Perfanick Enterprises Ltd.
Perfect Landscaping Ltd.
Perimeter Concrete Ltd.
Playgreen Development Corporation
Polar Enterprises Ltd.
Poplar River First Nation
Precision Joint Sealing Inc.
Precision Land Solutions Inc.
Preset Piling Ltd.
Pro Star HDD
Profile Paving Ltd.
Pughs Sand & Gravel Ltd.
Quincore Projects Inc.
R & B Paving Ltd.
R & M Parker Excavation Ltd.
R. Litz & Sons Company Ltd
R2G2 Excavators Inc.
Ray-Ann Transport Ltd.
Reedy Creek Construction
Rempel Excavating
River East Construction Co Ltd.
RKs Metal Construction
Rob Smith & Son Backhoe & Trucking Ltd.
Rocky Road Recycling Ltd.
Rohl Enterprises Ltd.
Rondor Excavations Ltd.
Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie
Russell Redi-Mix Concrete
S.R.D. Backhoe Services Inc.
Saler Backhoe & Trucking
SEG Enterprises Ltd.
Selkirk Redi Mix Ltd.
Shoreline Excavating Ltd.
Sigfusson Northern Ltd.
Silver Dirtworks
Smook Contractors Ltd.
SMS Equipment Inc.
Snow Spruce Construction Ltd.
Southgate Enterprises Ltd.
Southwood Ventures Inc.
Spence Construction and Transport Ltd.
Steinbach Hydro Vac Ltd.
Sterling Crane
Sto/Van Oilfield Maintenance Ltd.
Stocki Trucking Inc.
Strilkiwski Contracting Ltd.
Stucky Trucking
Subterranean (Manitoba) Ltd.
Summit Pipelines Services ULC
Superior Asphalt Paving Co. Ltd.
Superior Technologies Weighing and Controls Inc
Surespan Construction Ltd.
T & C Trenching & Excavating Ltd.
T & E Zelen Construction Ltd.
T&B Adventures Ltd.
Taillieu Construction Ltd.
Taplin Earthworks Inc.
Tazmanian Horizontal Drilling Inc.
Tedlon Services Ltd.
Teemo Enterprises Ltd.
Terry Lavallee Construction Ltd.
The Manitoba Water Services Board
The Wither Group Inc. – Red River Construction
Third Dimension Industries Ltd
Timber Wolf Trucking Ltd.
TREK Geotechnical Inc.
Tri-Core Projects Manitoba Ltd
Tri-Line Construction Ltd.
Tri-M Truckin Ltd
Triple L Excavating Ltd
Tri-Wave Construction Ltd.
TTES Consulting Inc.
Tutthill Construction Ltd.
Uni-jet Industrial Pipe Ltd.
Vallea Ventures Inc.
Vics Enterprises Ltd.
Viper Construction Ltd
Wabman Trucking Service Ltd.
Walton Trucking 1992 Ltd.
Wanipigaa Sibi Corporation
War Lake First Nation
Wayne s Backhoe Service
WB Equipment Rentals
Weik Construction Ltd.
Western Concrete Products
White Stone Construction Ltd.
Whitford Paving
Wiebes Trenching Ltd.
Winkler Construction Ltd.
Winnipeg Environmental Remediations Inc.
Wrey A Vickery
Wurtz Bros. Ltd.
York Landing Construction Group Ltd.
Zenith Paving Ltd.

COR™ Equivalency
Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge Construction – Northern AB Region)
Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge Construction Materials – Southern AB Region)
Morsky Construction Ltd.
Sherlock Septic Services Inc.
Trimac Transport Inc.
West-Can Seal Coating Inc.
Westshore Constructors

*The above list of COR™ Certified companies are those who have been certified through the MHCA WORKSAFELY™ Program. It is important to note that MHCA applauds all of its members who have achieved the prestigious COR™ through any Construction Safety Association who are members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).