What is COR™?

The Certificate of Recognition Program (COR™) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety & health program which meets national standards. The objectives of COR™ are to provide industry employers with an effective safety and health management system to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries as well as their associated human and financial costs.

COR™ is nationally trademarked and endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) of which the WORKSAFELY™ Program is a member.

The WORKSAFELY™ Program is an ‘Authority Having Jurisdiction’ to grant COR™ in the province of Manitoba. In achieving this national safety program accreditation in Manitoba, the WORKSAFELY™ Program practices the utmost diligence to ensure that the national COR™ standards are upheld. With one common audit instrument utilized across Canada, the national standard is clear: Minimum 50% in each element and an overall audit score of 80%.

COR™ is now frequently used as a prequalification and/or condition of contract by public and private project owners across Canada. COR™ is endorsed by Manitoba Labour, Workplace Safety and Health Division and the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB). COR™ Certified status is the ultimate distinction verifying companies which have implemented a comprehensive safety program.


The June 2011 changes to the Manitoba Government Tendering Policy (including those of Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation) require COR™ or SECOR certification for both contractors and subcontractors as a Condition of Contract.

Effective May 1, 2015 – All existing and newly registered companies with the MHCA WORKSAFELY™   program will be held to this new process.

View the Procedures for COR™/SECOR Certification

Please note:

As the Authority Having Jurisdiction to grant COR™ Certification in the province of Manitoba for the heavy construction industry, WORKSAFELY™ practices the utmost diligence to ensure that the COR™ standards are upheld. Caution should be taken if any other organization suggests that it is able to provide accredited COR™ training; COR™ audits or COR™ Certification.

Don’t put yourself at risk. Ask to see a current “Letter of Good Standing” or COR™ Certificate.


Step 1: Training (see below)

Step 2: Program development and implementation within company

Step 3: Verification of company program through external and internal audits

Safety, Health and Environment Program Auditing Requirements

Trial Audit – (OPTIONAL SERVICE) Fee of $400 plus expenses. Performed by WORKSAFELY™ staff prior to external audit

Self/Internal Audit – performed by contractor auditor annually and submitted to WORKSAFELY™ for review and to maintain certification

External Audit – performed by an external consultant for initial COR™ Certification

Companies with 9 or less employees, contact your WORKSAFELY™ Team for further details.

Updated COR™ Audit Document

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