MHCA meets on technical specifications with City, MI

The MHCA is in talks with the City of Winnipeg and Manitoba Infrastructure about proposed new specifications for public works projects. The association, further, is aiming to make such sessions a regular part of annual infrastructure program-planning again, with both governments. “Having early discussions ahead of planned changes to specifications
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Sacrificing economic growth on the altar of deficit cutting

What is this public obsession with spending? If you’ve got a couple of bucks burning a hole in your pocket then, why not: go blow it. But government stewardship of public funds demands more discipline and caution. Specifically, tax dollars allotted to capital programs should not, in fact, be spent.
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MHCA puts future heavy-equipment operators in the ‘driver’s seat’

Fourteen northern Manitoba students got a hands-on introduction to the operation of heavy equipment in November, through MHCA WORKFORCE’s heavy equipment operator workshop in Thompson. The workshop uses simulators, sponsored by Brandt Tractor, that put students in the virtual “driver’s seat” in a classroom setting. “We’re very excited about the
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Industry needs help to adjust to federal carbon tax

The MHCA has sent a letter to regional federal minister Jim Carr, voicing concern about the lack of recognition of the impact of the carbon tax on the heavy construction industry. The association has also asked that the Canadian Construction Association organize a planning session with the leadership of heavy
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MHCA supports Bowman’s push for new funding deal from province

Mayor Brian Bowman has signaled that demands upon municipalities for services, including new infrastructure, will be hard to meet without a new funding model from the province that recognizes the city’s limited capacity to raise revenue. Bowman noted in his year-end interview with the Winnipeg Free Press, that this is
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Season’s greetings from the President

Cultures and societies of old used the short days, extended darkness and frigid temperatures (northern hemisphere, granted) as a time to slow down, rest and reflect. That sounds comforting, especially for those of us hurrying to “get it all done” so we can enjoy the holidays. As we break for
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Financial forecast cuts highways capital expenditures for 2018

The second quarterly report on Manitoba’s finances shows that expenditures in the Highways Capital program are running behind budget. The provincial government released the second quarterly report on Wednesday. It shows that the budget line for Highways and Airport Infrastructure is forecast to come in at $348 million for 2018-19;
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Planning Act amendments balanced

The MHCA is grateful to Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton and departmental staff for the balanced and progressive amendments to the Planning Act, which flow from two years of intensive multi-stakeholder discussions. Their cumulative effect for conditional use applications to establish a new pit or quarry, or vary conditions of
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Federal capital cost allowance changes

In the 2018 Fall Economic Update, Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced two key changes to accelerate tax depreciation, known as Capital Cost Allowance (CCA). To learn more about the recent changes and the impact on depreciating heavy machinery, click here for an explanation from Pennock Acheson Nielson Devaney, Chartered Accountants.

CCA endorses governance renewal

Highlights from the November CCA board meetings in Ottawa Welcome new board member The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) board of directors and staff welcome Frank Perricone, representing the Ontario General Contractors. Four important recommendations endorsed by the board    CCA to align with Canadian Construction Innovations (CCI) Further to the
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