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AMM Board selects new Executive Director

Following an extensive and thorough search facilitated by a professional HR Service, the AMM Board of Directors is proud to announce Denys Volkov as the AMM’s new Executive Director effective January 1, 2020.   Since joining the AMM in 2011, Denys has been an instrumental part of the AMM team
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Developing land requires regional buy-in

Understanding the financial reality in the Winnipeg METRO Region Justin Swandel, Terracon Development Ltd. In order to collaborate to compete, Winnipeg METRO Region partners need to understand the financial realities that are evolving in the region today. Without that understanding, collaborating on a strategy that enables all partners to share
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Migration for the City of Winnipeg to the new MERX platform

  On September 3, 2019, the City of Winnipeg will be upgrading our existing vendor and tender management approach to using the MERX Solution for Construction tenders. As a bidder to City of Winnipeg solicitations, you can expect to benefit from an enhanced experience in your use of MERX when
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Fuel Charge Information

  These information sheets that can help you discern if you are obligated to register/report: Fuel charge info sheet Road carriers presentation Registration Forms FCN1      – notice with information concerning registrations L400       – registration form L400-1    – registration schedule L400-2    – registration schedule for road carriers   Charge for fuel held in inventory on Adjustment Day
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Transportation Association of Canada Public Utilities Management Subcommittee wants your opinion!

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Public Utilities Management Subcommittee (PUMS) wants your opinion on a new guideline that speaks to the coordination of utility relocations, with a focus on  public road projects – click here to review the Guideline for the Coordination of Utility Relocations , with an accompanying flow chart , and fill out the Comment Log by July 10,
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WCB Introduces FlexPay

FlexPay, the WCB’s enhanced payroll reporting and payment system, will be introduced this fall. To ensure employers continue to receive excellent customer service during the transition, a phased-in approach will be taken. To begin, all employers who currently report their actual payroll on a quarterly basis will move to reporting
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CentrePort Canada Business Plan 2013 – 2014

To view CentrePort Canada Business Plan 2013 – 2014, click HERE

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