Bowman puts city-wide growth, interests on council’s agenda

MHCA ready to start work on 2019 Operating and Capital Budget planning

Mayor Brian Bowman appointed his executive policy committee members this week, returning Coun. Matt Allard as Chair of the Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Committee and Coun. Scott Gillingham as Chair of its Finance Committee.

Bowman stressed at a news conference Monday that EPC members must demonstrate leadership and collaboration that “transcend ward boundaries in the best interest of overall city building.

“A critical part of being an effective EPC member is being willing to build a unified city rather than focusing on regional divisions and differences.”

Allard was appointed Chair of IRPW last spring, when Marty Morantz stepped down from EPC after announcing his intent to run for the federal Conservatives in the next election.

Bowman appointed new councillors Sherri Rollins to the EPC, Markus Chambers as deputy mayor and Vivian Santos as acting deputy mayor.

Coun. Scott Gillingham returns to EPC as finance committee chair, and Coun. Cindy Gilroy becomes chair of water and waste.

Bowman made note of the fact that city council must be mindful of positioning Winnipeg for growth, as it moves towards a population of one million. That will require special care to maintain fiscal balance, he said.

MHCA President Chris Lorenc said he appreciated the mayor’s focus on city-wide interests and growth.

“That is a vision that reflects our industry’s principled approach to sustained, strategic investment in core infrastructure and budget planning,” Lorenc said. “We never tell political offices which specific infrastructure asset to prioritize; the MHCA asserts that the focus, first, should be on strategic investment that brings high economic return, which is our trade transportation route.

“Further, such strategy requires good procurement practice and policies, and multi-year budgeting to get full value out of each year’s budget for streets, roads, bridges, and sewer and water.”

 Lorenc said the MHCA has had good collaboration with the mayor and EPC in the past and anticipates that relationship will continue with all of EPC and all members of Council. The MHCA looks forward to working with the mayor and council especially as planning for the 2019 Operating and Capital Budgets gets underway.

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