Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The recognized voice of the heavy construction industry in Manitoba, promoting sustainable investment in core infrastructure to support economic growth benefiting our province, and country in a manner consistent with the broad public interest.

Our Mission

As the representative voice of the heavy construction industry in Manitoba the MHCA will:

  • Strategically engage stakeholders to promote economic growth enabled by broad infrastructure investment strategies;
  • Advocate progressive legislative and regulatory reform enabling industry growth;
  • Facilitate access to comprehensive safety, innovative vocational and related education;
  • Provide services to support industry growth; and
  • Advance positions consistent with public interest.

6 Principles for infrastructure investment

The MHCA has developed 6 fundamental principles for sound investment in core infrastructure – streets, highways, bridges, land drainage, water distribution and wastewater treatment systems. We propose infrastructure investment programs that are:

  1. Permanent, strategic and sustained Infrastructure investment should be set out in a long-term plan, with predictable cost-sharing between governments
  2. Focused on economic growth
    Evidence shows that investment in core infrastructure has defined returns to the economy, $1.60 for every $1 invested (Finance Canada, 7th Report to Canadians, 2011)
  3. Embracing innovation
    Adopting new, better ways to build or maintain infrastructure will get more value out of the infrastructure budgets
  4. Harnessing private-sector partnerships
  5. The private sector is the source of ingenuity
    Funded by dedicated revenue streams Taxpayers must be able to follow the dollar, to know how much is invested, for what purposes
  6. Reviewed annually
    Regular review of investment programs ensures accountability, discipline to purpose and allows for adjustment to benefit from lessons learned
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