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Wendy Freund Summerfield

Manager of Finance and HR

Phone: (204) 947-1379
Fax: (204) 943-2279

Wendy is a highly organized and detail-oriented manager who is responsible for a number of MHCA financial portfolios. Wendy manages the finances for MHCA’s WORKSAFELY™ and WORKFORCE™ programs, and also oversees the finances of The Road and Infrastructure Program of Canada (Manitoba) and the Western Canada Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association.

Dealing directly and professionally with many departments, agencies and individuals to produce error-free financial reporting, Wendy’s diligence helps the MHCA achieve objectives set out by the executive and management team. Wendy’s attention to detail and her organizational skills are key assets in her responsibilities to coordinate Board and Executive Committee meetings, managing human resources and assisting legal matters. Wendy joined the MHCA in 1993.