An economist by background, Don Hurst has been the director of the MHCA WORKSAFELY™ Education and Training Program since 2015.

Don joined the MHCA in 2015 after nearly three decades in public service at both the provincial and federal levels.

At the MHCA, Don is responsible for overseeing all education and training-related programs at the MHCA, including the delivery of the COR™ safety program, heavy construction industry workforce training and advocacy in the areas of safety and health legislation, policy and enforcement, and WCB prevention policy.

Don has extensive background in economics and strong executive leadership skills. His experience in various government departments included developing policy in economic development, finance and taxation. As the past director of Workplace Safety and Health for the province, his responsibilities included new developments with government legislation; the first joint prevention plan between the Workers Compensation Board and government; the development, approach and implementation to inspections, regulations and compliance awareness within the construction sector. It was the relationships he built along the ways that led him to MHCA.

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