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Christopher (Chris) W. Lorenc, BA, LL.B.

MHCA President

Chris Lorenc headshot - 2015Phone: (204) 947-1379
Fax: (204) 943-2279

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A lawyer by background, Chris Lorenc has been president of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association since 1991 and president of the Western Canada Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association since 1995.

Chris served on Winnipeg City Council for 9 years from 1983 until his retirement from public office in 1992. During his tenure, he chaired a number of Council’s standing committees and served for 7 years on its Executive Policy Committee, the cabinet of civic government.

His many public policy committee and board appointments include:

  • CentrePort Canada Board of Directors, Chair (since 2016), founding member (2009);
  • Capital Region Master Transportation Plan Implementation Task Force, Chair (since 2015);
  • SAFE Roads Committee, Chair (since 2004);
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers Board of Directors (since 2014), Corporate Secretary and Governance and Executive Committees;
  • Workers Compensation Board, employer representative (since 2015); WCB Prevention Committee, Chair (since 2016); WCB Policy & Planning Committee (since 2015);
  • Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Transportation Council (since 2015);
  • Manitoba Labour Board, management representative (since 2008);
  • Manitoba Employers Council (since 2000)
  • Workers Compensation Act Review Committee, employer representative (since 2016)

Since 1991, Chris has been active with the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and serves on a number of its committees. He has been a leading advocate championing the linkages between strategic investment in transportation infrastructure and economic growth.

Past activities also include:

  • Manitoba Construction Sector Council, founding board member (2011-2016);
  • MCSC Aboriginal Engagement Strategy Committee (Chair);
  • Infrastructure Innovations Council (founding Chair);
  • CCA Task Force (Chair) that developed an award-winning and Canada’s first Indigenous Best Practices Guide for the construction industry;
  • WCB Act Legislative Review Committee (2005), employer representative

Chris has served on a number of provincial and civic task forces and committees. He is a frequent speaker in the community, and commentator on public radio on broad areas of public policy.