Red River College MHCA Awards

MHCA Cornerstone Award

The MHCA has established the MHCA Cornerstone Award to recognize its past Board Chairs who since 1945 have, in assuming the leadership roles expected of a Board Chair, laid the cornerstone foundations upon which the MHCA has been built. It is upon this cornerstone foundation that the MHCA has been able to make and strives to continue to make, constructive contributions in the development and evolution of public policy at the provincial, regional and national levels. This award is presented annually by the current Chair of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA).

Congratulations to Zachary Landon on receiving the 2017 Cornerstone Award.

MHCA Construction Management Student Award

Established by the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association with donations from Association Members to support students entering the Construction Management Degree Program.

Congratulations to Andrew Coleman on receiving the 2017 Construction Management Student Award.