The MHCA strives to maintain excellent relations and access to all three levels of government. Our lobbying efforts and accomplishment include many recent successes:

Municipal and Provincial Highlights:

  • Tripling of the Highway Capital program and tabling by Manitoba of the first Multi-year Highways Investment plan
  • Gaining critical improvements in provincial/municipal tender practices, including realignment of capital budget approvals to facilitate earlier tendering practices
  • Chairing two Strategic Infrastructure Investment Policy (SIRP) task forces for the City of Winnipeg, resulting in its recommendations being adopted by city council
  • Chairing the Infrastructure Funding Council – whose mandate included the development of an overall, comprehensive infrastructure funding strategy and recommendations regarding internal infrastructure funding options within the control of the municipalities, along with recommendations regarding external infrastructure funding options requiring intergovernmental negotiation and/or approval. The report was released in 2011.
  • Participated on provincial task forces to review Workplace Safety and Workers Compensation legislation
  • The MHCA initiated and its president chaired the 2008 Mayor’s Trade Council (MTC), which provided recommendations to position Winnipeg, and by extension Manitoba, to a higher profile and economic role in domestic and international trade.
  • The MTC’s report recommendations were immediately adopted by Winnipeg’s City Council. It formed the basis for a provincially led initiative to create CentrePort Canada, Canada’s first inland port. The MHCA president participated as part of the Premier’s Leader’s Group and is now a member of CentrePort Canada’s Board of Directors.

Regional Highlights

  • The Western Transport Minister report (WTM Report 2005) represented the first time four western provincial governments, ignoring provincial boundaries, adopted the concept of a strategic, seamless multi-modal transportation system for western Canada. Recognizing that collaboration with the private sector was imperative, the MHCA was named co-chair of the Western Transportation System Strategy Group. The group provided recommendations that led to the removal of trade impediments and the inclusion of the Northern Territories needs, which was reflected in the updated WTM 2008 report.

International Highlights

International trade plays a vital role in the economic growth of western Canada and the nation as a whole. The MHCA president has participated in international trade missions at the request of the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba to promote trade and resulting economic growth.

Recent examples include:

  • Trade mission to China (2008)
  • Presentations for the international Canada/United States/Mexico, North American SuperCorridor Organization (NASCO) from 2005-2009. NASCO promotes development of a mid-continent trade corridor to enhance multi-national and international trade-related economic growth.


At the 2011 Canadian Construction Association (CCA) Annual Convention, the MHCA received two awards:

  • The 2010 CCA Member Association Award of Excellence for demonstrating outstanding leadership and excellence in achievements
  • The CCA International Business Award — which recognizes the outstanding activities, programs or accomplishments of a Canadian-based business or association active in the construction industry in the area of international business or trade