75+ Years of milestones & advocacy

1943: MHCA is founded; Manitoba and Saskatchewan form Prarie Roadbuilders Association

1945: F. Scott Fowler (Nelson River Construction) named MHCA’s first chairman 

1950s: MHCA, via Prarie Roadbuilders, renews push for national highway; TransCanada opens in 1962

1968: Red River Floodway opens, a 6-year project that moved 2.3 billion feet of earth

1973: Prarie Roadbuilders renames Western Canada Roadbuilders Association, reflecting Alberta and B.C. membership

1983: MHCA champions launch of The Road & Infrastructure Program Canada, the basis of Canadian Construction Association’s national advocacy initiatives

1989: MHCA launches what is known now as WORKSAFELY™

1993: MHCA national advocacy efforts help spur federal launch of first national Canada Infrastructure

1995: Colleen Munro (HMCL) elected MHCA’s first female chair, a first for heavy civil organizations in Canada

1995: National advocacy embraces MHCA-championed triple infrastructure policy approach; national highways; municipal infrastructure; and strategic infrastructure investments

1997: Industry rallies to defend Red River Valley in Flood of the Century; works 24/7 to build 42-kilometre Brunkild Z-Dike

1998: Strategic Infrastructure Reinvestment Policy Task Force, co-chaired by MHCA President, issues clarion call to address Winnipeg’s municipal investment deficit

2000: MHCA assumes management of and begins publishing an Equipment Rental Rates Guide in its Directory

2003: Gas Tax Accountability Act passed, dedicating all gasoline taxes to Manitoba’s highway system

2004: MHCA successfully defends industry against ‘forced unionization’ push during floodway-expansion project

2006: Sustained advocacy sees highway capital program tripled

2008: CCA embraces MHCA call to link strategic investment in infrastructure and trade-enabling infrastructure and economic growth

2009: MHCA leads push for CentrePort Canada, Canada’s first and North American’s largest inland port

2011: Infrastructure Funding Council, chaired by MHCA President, calls for long-term investment in municipal infrastructure and calls for a “new fiscal deal” for municipalities

2011: Assiniboine River floods, swamping Lake Manitoba communities. Hoop and Holler cut is made to divert water; Lake St. Martin outlet channel is built

2013: Winnipeg city council adopts annual 1%+1% property tax increase dedicated to local and regional streets

2014: Building Manitoba Fund requires 1/7th of PST be dedicated to infrastructure

2015: Capital Region councils endorse coordinated, sustainably funded regional transportation system

2016: MHCA leads CCA Task Force initiative resulting in Canada’s first Indigenous Engagement Guide

2017: Gov. of Manitoba declares public tenders will not contain arbitrary reprisal or local preference clauses 

2018: Gov. of Manitoba receives provincial Pits & Quarries Advisory Committee’s recommendations to resolve conflicts over access to aggregate deposits

2019: WORKSAFELY™ celebrates 30 years of safety excellence

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