A big bit of Christmas comes early to David Livingstone School

Heavy Santa at David Livingstone

Santa came a bit early to David Livingstone School on December 7, with help from the elves at the MHCA who unloaded the sleigh, delivering toys and treats to about 100 pupils in Grades 1 to 4.

“Girls and boys, Rudolph told me you have all been extra good this year so we decided to dash to Winnipeg to help get you into the holiday spirit,” Santa was heard to say over the din of excited chatter in the school’s gymnasium.

The children sang ‘Jingle Bells’ to make sure Santa found his way to them. They dug into pizza and treat bags while awaiting the call to meet the jolly old bearded one himself. (Santa seems to have been resisting sweets and treats as he looked trimmer this year, his big black belt cinched extra tight!)

When all the children had their gifts, they tore off the silvery wrap – Air Pens Spray Art kits, Monster trucks, Monster High dolls, Frozen dolls, Ninja Turtles games, Garage playsets, and My First Villa toys!

The Christmas gift to the school, an iPad, was presented to Principal Tim by MHCA’s principal elf – Jocelyn, Santa’s No. 1 project manager for the annual Heavy Santa event. “We are a part of the learn-to-read program and on average the reading levels have gone up every year,” Principal Tim said. “This (iPad) will help greatly with this.”

Santa received help in buying materials to cobble together the presents at the North Pole through fundraising at the MHCA’s Curling Bonspiel, Spring Mixer and Chairman’s Gala.

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