Founded in 1943, The Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) is the recognized voice of the heavy construction industry in Manitoba. Guided by our vision and mandate, we promote sustainable municipal infrastructure development, sustained investment in core infrastructure, and seamless, multi-modal transportation systems.  The MHCA also runs two core safety programs: WORKSAFELY™ and WORKFORCE.

Learn more about MHCA by reading our President’s message.



  • The National Trade Contractors’ Coalition of Canada seeks support in new federal Prompt Payment Legislation and we want your input – click here to learn more about the Prompt Payment Legislation, and how it may impact the heavy construction sector if the bill is enacted, and send your responses by email to Megan Funnell, Marketing Communications Specialist, at by end of day on Friday, August 28, 2015.
  • The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Public Utilities Management Subcommittee (PUMS) wants your opinion on a new guideline that speaks to the coordination of utility relocations, with a focus on  public road projects – click here to review the Guideline for the Coordination of Utility Relocations , with an accompanying flow chart, and fill out the Comment Log by July 10, 2015! Once completed, submit your Comment Log submission to Steve Murphy ( or Lawrence Arcand ( prior to the July 10, 2015 deadline date.
  • Global News features Manitoba’s infrastructure and how the province prioritizes its projects to repair crumbling concrete, prevent collision frequency and congestion- watch the full news story here!
  • MHCA President Chris Lorenc and guests Don Leitch, President of Business Council of Manitoba, and Chuck Davidson, President of Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, discussed Manitoba’s Capital Region development and opportunities on BOLD Radio – click to listen here!
  • MHCA President Chris Lorenc shares his presentation to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce’s Annual General Meeting regarding Trade Transportation Prosperity – see what he had to say here!
  • The Canadian Construction Association released a summary of the 2015 Federal Budget and how it impacts the construction sector – read it here!
  • The City of Winnipeg has officially presented the 2015 Capital Program Presentation – click and see what the Public Works and Water & Waste Departments have planned!
  • CentrePort Canada has launched its official Business Plan for the year of 2015 – 2016 – check it out here!
  • The EXPO South winner of  The Keg gift card for completing the overall evaluation form is Gord Rosteski, Winnipegosis, MB
  • John Law, President of Lawmark International Consulting, was the Keynote Speaker at our recent Building on Advantage event – see what he had to say here!
  • MHCA President Chris Lorenc responds to the proposed 2015 City of Winnipeg Operating Budget, 2015 Capital Budget and 5-Year Forecast – read the Association’s full response and disposition here!
  • BuildForce Canada released a report that covers the 2015-2024 key highlights of Construction & Maintenance in Manitoba: Looking Forward –check it out here!
  • IHS Global Inc. released its annual report on Transportation Infrastructure Investment – take a look at industry’s contributions to the Federal Highway and Mass Transit Program here!
  • WORKSAFELY e-COR™ has officially arrived – click here to view our official promo video here!
  • MIT released the order and summary of the 2015 Spring Road Restrictions – click to view the results here!
  • Last Week Tonight does a special segment on the importance (and underlining cinematic drama) behind infrastructure – take a look at this gripping newscast and cinematic trailer here!
  • Canada West Foundation shares valuable facts regarding infrastructure and economic prosperity with At the Intersection and Building on Advantage – take a look here!